The Dog Owner's Summit

Experts reveal secrets every dog owner needs to know to dramatically improve your dogs behavior, save thousands on pet care and much more.

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over 7 hours of interviews with top experts

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March 21st, 2023

This is for you if you're a Dog Owner and want to know the best way to have a happy, healthy, and Well-Behaved dog

What You Will Learn at This Event:

  • Dog Training and Socialization Strategies for Improved Behavior

  • What to Feed Your Dog For Better Health and Nutrition

  • Your Dog's Gut Health and How To Improve It

  • Communicating With Your Dog

  • CBD Remedies for Your Dog and How To Use Them

  • Raising Puppies, Older Dogs, Covid Dogs, and Obese Dogs

  • and Much More (over 35 interviews in all)




Ann-Marie and Bob are engaging and trusted advisors for dog owners all over the world. They are both unique hosts that bring together top experts to help dog owners raise happy, healthy and well-behaved dogs.

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